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Selected Publications

From a total of 120+ papers (with more than 18,000 citations)   H-index 61 

Zhao H, Mayer ML and Schuck P. (2014) Analysis of protein interactions with picomolar binding affinity by fluorescence-detected sedimentation velocity. Analytical Chemistry DOI: 10.1021/ac500093m.

Zhao H, Lomash S, Glasser C, Mayer ML and Schuck P. (2013) Analysis of high-affinity self-assembly by fluorescence optical sedimentation velocity analytical ultracentrifugation of labeled proteins: Opportunities and limitations. PloS One 8:e83439.


Yao, Y., Belcher, J,. Berger, AJ., Mayer, M.L and Lau, A.Y. (2013) Conformational analysis of NMDA receptor GluN1, GluN2 and GluN3 Ligand Binding Domains Reveals Subtype Specific Characteristics. Structure 21:1788-1799.


Schauder, D., Kubeda, O, Zhang, J., Klymko, K., Batrtesaghi, A., Borgnia, M.J,. Mayer, M.L. and Subramaniam S. (2013) Glutamate receptor desensitization is mediated by changes in quaternary structure of the ligand binding domain. PNAS 110:5921-5926.


Lomash, S., Chittori, S., Brown, P.H. and Mayer, M.L. (2013) Anions Mediate Ligand Binding in Adineta vaga Glutamate Receptor Ion Channels. Structure 21:414-425.


Kumar, J. and Mayer, M.L. (2013) Functional insights from glutamate receptor ion channel structures. Annual Review of Physiology 75, 313-337.


Veran, J., Kumar, J. Pinherio, PS., Athane, A,. Mayer, M.L, Perrais, D and Mille, C. (2012) Zinc potentiates GluK3 glutamate receptor function by stabilizing the ligand binding domain dimer interface. Neuron 76, 565-578.


Zhao, H., Berger, A.J., Brown, P.H., Kumar, J., Balbo, A., May, C.A., Casillas. E., Laue, T.M., Patterson, G.H., Mayer, M.L. and Schuck, P. (2012) Analysis of high-affinity assembly for AMPA receptor amino-terminal domains. Journal of General Physiology139:371-388.

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Chaudhry, C., Plested, A.J., Schuck, P. and Mayer, M.L. (2009) Energetics of glutamate receptor ligand binding domain dimer assembly is modulated by allosteric ions. PNAS 106, 12329-12334.

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Plested, A.J. and Mayer, M.L. (2009) Engineering a high-affinity allosteric binding site for divalent cations in kainate receptors. Neuropharmacology 56, 114-120.

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Yao, Y. and Mayer, M.L. (2006) Characterization of a soluble ligand binding domain of the NMDA receptor regulatory subunit NR3A. Journal of Neuroscience 26:4559:4566.

Weston, M.C., Gertler, C., Mayer, M.L.and Rosenmund, C. (2006) Interdomain interactions in AMPA and kainate receptors regulate affinity for glutamate . Journal of Neuroscience 26:7650-7658. (46 citations)

Mayer, M.L. (2006) Glutamate receptors at atomic resolution. Nature 440, 456-462. (150 citations)

Mayer, M.L., Ghoshal. A., Dolman,N.P and Jane, D.E. (2006) Crystal Structures of the Kainate Receptor GluR5 Ligand Binding Core Dimer with Novel GluR5 Selective Antagonists. Journal of Neuroscience 26:2852:2861. (53 citations)

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Hogner A., Kastrup J.S., Jin R., Liljefors T., Mayer M.L., Egebjerg J., Larsen I.K., Gouaux, E. (2002) Structural basis for AMPA receptor activation and ligand selectivity: crystal structures of five agonist complexes with the GluR2 ligand-binding core, Journal of Molecular Biology 322, 93-109 (117 citations)

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Wong, L.A. and Mayer, M.L. (1993) Differential Modulation by Cyclothiazide and Concanavalin A of of Desensitization at Alpha-Amino-3-Hydroxy-5-Methyl-4-Isoxazolepropionic Acid_Preferring versus Kainate-Preferring Glutamate Receptors, Molecular Pharmacology 44, 504-510 (179 citations)

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Mayer, M.L. and Westbrook, G.L (1983) A voltage-clamp analysis of inward (anomalous) rectification in mouse spinal sensory ganglion neurones. Journal of Physiology 340, 19-45 (396 citations)


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